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  1. Paris for $400? What Money Buys on the New Low-Cost Airlines
    New York Times · 13 hours agoPerhaps you’ve been intrigued by the affordable (and in some cases downright cheap) fares being dangled lately by low-cost, long-haul carriers like …

  2. Budget airlines could soon PAY customers to fly with them, predicts boss of Icelandic low-cost travel firm
    Daily Mail · 4 hours agoThe age of budget air travel could be about to get even cheaper and companies might even pay you to travel - according to the boss on one …

  3. Low-Cost airlines get a grip of the Central American market
    Curacao Chronicle · 3 hours agoPANAMA CITY - Low cost airlines are finally starting to penetrate the intra-Central America market, driven primarily by the launch of the …

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