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  1. India airline fires 2 pilots after reported fight in cockpit
    USA Today · 15hNEW DELHI (AP) — An Indian airline has fired two pilots reportedly involved in a midair cockpit fight on New Year's Day, when the pilot allegedly slapped his co-pilot during a …

  2. Airline attendant warns passengers to not 'drink the coffee on airplanes'
    Fox News · 11hYou may want to load up on java before boarding your plane, according to one industry insider. An unidentified flight attendant “for a major American airline,” made a claim to …

  3. Costa Rica suspends airline after a plane crash that killed 12 people
    Business Insider · 1dCosta Rica's civil aviation agency suspended a local airline after a plane crash killed 12 people. Civil aviation authorities called it a preventative measure. SAN JOSE (Reuters) …

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